Treat Hairball Blockage In Cats

Hairball blockages in cats are a much more serious concern than a standard hairball. Typically, hair consumed by a cat either through hunting or grooming passes down the digestive tract with the rest of the cat’s food. Sometimes a clump of matted fur is unable to pass and is thrown up by the cat. In the worst case scenario, the hairball gets stuck anywhere along the digestive tract causing a major blockage.


1. Diagnosis by a veterinarian is crucial. If a cat is vomiting more than twice a month, take him into the vet for a checkup. Hairball blockages can cause food to come back up because there is no other way for it to go. Repeated vomiting, refusal to eat and lethargy are all symptoms of a hairball blockage.

2. Try regular use of petroleum based hairball removal products. The slippery consistency of these products helps to lubricate the hair in kitty’s tummy and help it pass. These products can be found in the cat health aisle of any pet store. Many brands of pet food are specifically formulated to help reduce future hairballs.

3. Surgery could be the last resort. Sometimes when a blockage is too large for a cat to pass a veterinarian will have to remove the hairball surgically.

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