Treat Gout With Chinese Medicine

Treat Gout With Chinese Medicine

Gout is a painful form of arthritis. Too much uric builds up in your body and forms deposits in your joints and possibly kidney stones. You may not know you have gout until your big toes becomes red and swollen. That’s how gout usually starts. The pain is so bad, it will wake someone up from sleep. The gout attack will go away, but will be followed by another at some point.


1. Research Chinese herbal medicine by reading studies and articles about it (see Resources below). Some researchers say that Chinese medicine helps gout as much as Western medicine, without the dangerous side effects.

2. Find the Chinese herbal formula, Si Miao Wan. It can help relieve symptoms of gout. It’s used for numb or weak extremities and to relieve the pain caused by stuff joints.

3. Take Gout Chi. It’s a natural Chinese herbal remedy that helps you deal with pain caused by gout. It can also help you cope with future attacks. The formula reduces the excess uric acid in your body and promotes the flow of urine from the kidneys.

4. Look for an anti-inflammatory that will ease the pain you’re having in your joints.

5. Buy the Chinese herbs online.

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