Treat Gout Naturally At Home

inflammation of joints

Gout is a condition of inflammation of the joints and it causes swelling. Although it can happen to anyone, it occurs mostly in wealthy older women. The most common symptom for gout is pain in the big toe. This can last for few hours. Other joints like the knee and the wrist sometimes can hurt as well. It usually happens in the middle of the night. However, in serious cases, gout can cause the kidney to not function properly so this is definitely a serious condition. This article will help you treat gout at home.


1. One of the best ways to treat gout is by eating cherries. Eat about 15-25 cherries each day. Other foods that are good for treating gout is vegetable juices made with carrot, beat, and cucumber, string bean juice, apple a day, banana, and ½ of lime juice twice a day. These fruits and vegetables are very helpful because they’re full of malic acid and Vitamin C which is known to be good for treating gout.

2. Take a cold pack and put apply it to the joints at night times. It will relieve pain.

3. In some serious cases, people go on all-fruit diet fasts for about 3 days. Others go on all natural food diet of fruits and vegetables. You should avoid foods that produce uric acid such as meats, eggs, fish, coffee, tea, white flour, sugar, canned, fried, and processed foods.

4. Other treatments include warm water enema, and Epsom salt bath.

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