Treat Fibroids With Homeopathy

Fibroids, also known as uterine fibroids, rarely require treatment and when they do, treatment options for fibroids are usually more severe, such as surgery or harsh prescriptions drugs. Most fibroids and fibroid symptoms can be treated successfully with more natural options, making homeopathy a great, effective, way to treat the symptoms of fibroids. Below are the more effective ways to use homeopathic remedies to treat your fibroids.


1. Take the homeopathic remedy known as Calcarea Carbonica if you have fibroids and suffer from fatigue or the chills. It also should be used for uterine fibroids that are characterized by uterine hemorrhage.

2. Take the homeopathic remedy known as Sabina for fibroids that cause pain in the lower back. It also works well for patients with fibroids that suffer from heavy uterine bleeding with clots.

3. Take the homeopathic remedy known as Pulsatilla for fibroid pain and symptoms that seem to improve with fresh air.

4. Take the homeopathic remedy known as Phosphorous if you have heavy bleeding caused by fibroids with clotting.

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