Treat Fever Naturally

Treat Fever Naturally

Fever is simply defined as an elevation of body temperature beyond normal. The normal temperature of the body is between 97º to 99.4ºF (36º to 37.4ºC)–higher than this range means fever is present. Fever serves as a part of our body’s defense system. It is a safe mechanism that does not cause any serious damage except for making the individual feel ill as the body’s immune system is battling infection.When an individual has infection, it activates the white blood cells to fight the existing foreign body, and to release chemicals called pyrogens. These pyrogens travel into the temperature regulating center of the brain (hypothalamus) via the blood stream; and signals it to elevate the body’s temperature. As a result, the body heats up (fever) along with manifestations of other symptoms including skin flushes, perfused sweating, chills, shivering, overall body aches, loss of appetite and lethargy.


1. Get plenty of rest. Do not constrain your body to move around and do strenuous activities. This will only elevate your body temperature and drains your system even more. Allow your body to heal and recuperate by getting a lot of sleep.

2. Do not force yourself to eat solid food. You can instead, replenish your system by drinking lots of water to replace loss fluids. An increase in water intake is beneficial in preventing dehydration. It will also cool up your system, which then helps in lowering your high body temperature.

3. Wear light clothing to encourage your body to cool off as heat is released through your skin. Make sure to constantly change soaked clothes in order to prevent sweat to dry on to your body, especially around the chest and back. If you feel cold, get a light blanket and cover yourself up except for your head and feet–because when your body releases heat, it mostly escapes through these areas.

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4. Allow your fever stay to as it is when its not higher than 102 degrees. As long as your temperature is within this range, just allow your fever to run its course to help your body fight existing infections.

5. Ask your loved one to give you a tepid sponge bath. This is mostly done when fever is slightly high. Just prepare a washcloth and basin. Fill the basin up with lukewarm water, dip the washcloth, wring it and then gently wipe around body surfaces. This will help freshen up the body and also brings down elevated body temperature.

6. Use garlic to reduce fever. Prepare at least 2 to 3 large cloves of garlic, olive oil, gauze and plaster. Crush the cloves of garlic until it appears pasty. Then apply a little amount of olive oil on both feet to prevent garlic from irritating your skin. Evenly place the pasty garlic along the soles of both feet, position the gauze above it, and then keep it in place by covering it up with a plastic wrap. Do not cover the entire sole, to still allow heat to escape around that area. Leave the garlic pads on for a few hours or overnight.

7. Apply the white vinegar treatment. In a mixing bowl, pour 5 cap fulls of white vinegar and mix it up with 2 cups of lukewarm water. Soak two wash cloths in the mixture, wring it, and wrap it around the lower legs. Keep it there for a few minutes to help lower an elevated temperature.

8. Try drinking orange juice with or without pulp. This is an ideal liquid food for febrile individuals. Its flavor neutralizes the bitter taste of the mouth. It also provides energy and added resistance for the body to continue fighting existing infection and promotes urination which is beneficial in eliminating toxins.

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