Treat Dog Worms With Food And Herbs

Treat Dog worms with food and herbs

We all love our pets and want to keep them healthy. If your dog has worms, this is a health issue that needs to be tackled right away. Some of the most popular offenders that dogs may encounter are roundworm, tapeworm, whipworm and hookworm. The usual practice for worm removal is a dose of medication from your vet, but did you know that these medications can have dangerous side effects that can interfere with the health of your dog? There is an alternative. More and more people are beginning to rely on a more natural way of handling worms. Herbal remedies have been around for centuries and have proven to be highly effective. A more natural way of ridding worms may be found right in your local produce aisle. Read on to learn treat dog worms with food and herbs.


1. Realize you have a problem. OK, so you know that your dog has worms, what do you do? Reach for the pumpkin. Ground pumpkin seeds can be added to your dog’s food, and they work great in weakening and ridding worms from his body. About 1/4 tsp. added to the dog’s meals daily should do the trick. You can also add about 1/4 tsp. of wheat germ oil, as well. The wheat germ oil destroys the outside coating of the worms body. This allows the pumpkin to really do it’s job.

2. Keep in mind that another natural and very effective method is grapefruit seeds. These seeds are potent to worms and can even be ground together with the seeds of other citrus fruits to give even a bigger boot to those nasty creepy crawlers.

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3. If your dog finds it tasty, you can even add some cayenne pepper to his meals. Worms don’t like this treatment either. Just sprinkle on about 1/4 tsp. per meal. Parsley can be cooked for 3 minutes, strained and the remaining bit of liquid added to meals to pack an extra punch.

4. Creating a thick paste of garlic and ginger is just one more method that works great. Worms hate garlic. It may take a little more coaxing to get your dog to eat this mixture with his meals, but if he will he is sure to be worm free! Castor oil can also be used to flush out the weakened worms.

5. You can take steps to ensure that your dog doesn’t get worms, also. There are natural preventatives too. Mixing fresh vegetables with your dog’s meals can ward off worms. Also, chopped up figs and papaya’s are natural worm blockers. Cooking your own dog food with fresh meats to the correct temperature, and adding fresh veggies and rice is a good way to ensure your pet’s health and well being. Also, keeping your dog flea-free and keeping him a good distance from wild rodents outdoors can help keep him worm-free.