Treat Dizziness Naturally

Treat Dizziness Naturally

Dizziness can be experienced in several different severities. Vertigo is a feeling that your body is spinning accompanied by nausea and sometimes vomiting, while feeling imbalanced is a milder case of dizziness. Feeling somewhat lightheaded is the simplest form of dizziness. Dizziness occurs when the central nervous system gets conflicting messages from other parts of the body. You can treat occasional medium to light dizziness with natural home remedies. Read on to learn treat dizziness naturally.


1. Sit down and inhale deeply several times to bring oxygen and blood flow to the brain. Lie down for about 10 minutes with an ice pack on the back of your neck until the dizziness passes.

2. Get a massage on the neck and on the feet. Consult a foot reflex chart to see which areas of the feet you should concentrate on to relieve dizziness.

3. Combine the flower scleranthus with a stress relief formula such as Calming Essence in a bottle and take it for mild dizziness. Place two to four drops of this natural mixture on the tongue and hold it for just a minute before you swallow.

4. Drink a lot of water. Dehydration could contribute to, or cause dizziness.

5. Take ginger to treat dizziness and motion sickness naturally.

6. Take a dietary supplement with vitamin B6. It helps your brain to function and contributes to the health of your central nervous system. Your nervous system helps your body keep a sense of balance.

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