Treat Charcot Foot

Treat Charcot Foot

Charcot foot is a neuropathic foot disease that is sometimes seen in patients with diabetes. When a person has this condition, the shape of the foot becomes warped and bones fracture easily. People with Charcot foot do not feel pain in their feet, so they sometimes do damage without knowing or feeling it. Follow these steps if you have Charcot foot.


1. See a podiatrist if you have Charcot foot. Your foot will be stabilized–with a brace, splint or cast–depending on its condition.

2. Stay off your feet. Your doctor is likely to prohibit you from walking on your foot for 8 weeks so that healing can take place and you do not cause further damage.

3. Explore other options with your doctor. A custom walking boot is often an option–this will support your foot while you are walking. Sometimes it takes up to a year for the foot to heal, so this might be a good option during this time.

4. Talk to your doctor about other options for treating Charcot foot. Sometimes bones in the foot can be surgically fused.

5. Practice good diabetic foot care. This includes keeping your feet clean and dry, clipping your toenails straight across and using lotion if the skin on your feet is dry.

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