Treat Bunions On Feet

Treat Bunions On Feet

Bunions on the feet can cause quite a bit of discomfort. Bunions form on the joint of the toes. They can appear as bumps. Inflammation, redness, and swelling can appear. The big toe tends to bunch together with the other toes. Bunion causes can be discomfort in shoe wear. Shoes that are too tight, tend to bunch the big toe closer together with the other. Then it can provide wear and tear on the joint.

Bunion treatment, if severe, will require surgery. Arthritis or an injury to the foot can be forms of bunions as well. Women tend to get bunions more than men. Women tend to wear much tighter shoes, and high heels that cause discomfort. Chronic pain, swelling, and enlargement of the toe are bunion symptoms. Prevention of bunions is needed, along with medical treatment if you’re suffering from severe chronic pain in the big toe.


1. Wear comfortable shoes. Discomfort in shoes and tight shoes, can cause bunions. Pick a shoe that allows enough of a gap between your toes. A good test is being able to wiggle your toes, and move them vertically and horizontally with ease. If you can’t do so without much difficulty, then your shoes are too tight. I realize you don’t want shoes to fall of your foot, but wear shoes that provide a good toe box. Also, when you’re around the house, you don’t have to wear shoes. Wear socks or slippers instead.

2. Dip your foot in an ice bucket. Inflammation in the joints are quite painful. Ice is a natural and effective way to help treat bunions. It will help reduce the inflammation in your big toe. It will also help reduce swelling as well. You can also place ice packs on your toe, or use heating pads after to provide comfort. Heat won’t treat joint pain, but can help relax the joints.

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3. Take turmeric for pain. Turmeric reduces inflammation and can be used as a natural pain killer. Turmeric also supports stronger joints as well. Turmeric has had success in reducing arthritis symptoms and pain. So why not use turmeric for bunions? You can rub turmeric on the joint of the toe. You’ll want to cover with gauze, unless you don’t care about stained stocks. Take turmeric capsules as well. You can find them at a local health store.

4. See your podiatrist. Home remedies can help relieve the pain, but you’ll need a doctor. They’ll need to determine how bad you’ve damaged the joint in the toe. Surgery might be needed, so the following steps should be followed before seeing a podiatrist.