Treat An Ear Infection At Home

An ear infection or otitis media is an inflammation or infection of the middle ear. The inflammation normally starts when infections that cause the common cold, a sore throat or other respiratory illnesses spread to the middle ear. Otitis media commonly affects children. Fortunately most ear infections will subside without the need of antibiotics. By applying all the home remedies below, you can effectively reduce the pain associated with the ear infection and help treat the infection altogether.


1. Apply similasan earache relief ear drops to the infected ear. This over-the-counter ear medication contains potent herbs that can sooth the itch and pain associated with an ear infection. You can purchase similasan earache relief drops at your local drug store.

2. Apply a heat pack to the infected ear. Applying heat to the ear can help loosen any accumulated fluids while reducing the pain and pressure accompanying the ear infection. Never apply the heat pack directly to the skin. Cover it with a towel before applying it to the ear. Leave the hot pack on the infected ear for 20 minutes. Do this once daily.

3. Apply tea tree oil to the infected ear. One of the active ingredients of tea tree oil is terpineol. Terpineol is a natural antibiotic which can help lessen the infection. Using a medicine dropper, add two drops of tea tree oil to the infected ear. Aside from its antimicrobial properties, tea tree oil can help reduce the pain associated with the infection. Apply the drops twice daily. You can find tea tree oil at any leading health food store.

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4. Apply garlic oil to the infected ear. Garlic contains an active ingredient called allicin, which is a natural antibiotic. Add two drops of garlic oil to the infected ear two times a day. You can also use garlic oil capsules. Break one capsule in half and pour the liquid into the ear. Garlic oil in a bottle and capsules can be purchased at any health food store.

5. Apply a salt pack to the infected ear. Put one cup of iodized salt in the microwave and heat for two minutes. Place the salt into a clean sock or cloth bag and apply it to the infected ear. Leave it on your ear for 30 minutes. The salt will gradually draw out any fluid accumulated in the infected ear.