Treat A Tonsil Infection Naturally

Tonsillitis develops when a bacterial or viral infection is present in the body and produces swollen, inflamed, enlarged tonsils. Fever, chills, soreness of throat, pain when swallowing, headache, and noticeable patches of discoloration on tonsils are common symptoms of tonsillitis. If tonsillitis is a result of strep throat, the infection must be treated with an antibiotic. An individual with tonsillitis is sure to be uncomfortable, but home remedies have proved helpful providing pain relief and treatment of infection.


Hot Lemon Honey Beverage

1. Measure one cup of water, pour into large coffee mug, and heat in microwave. Heat water for approximately one minute ten seconds on high heat setting. Allow mug to cool for one minute before removing from microwave. Warm beverages soothe the throat and will assist in reducing swelling of tonsils.

2. Measure two tbsp. of lemon juice and pour into coffee mug containing hot water. Stir the mixture for one minute to blend ingredients.

3. Measure two tsp. of honey and add to coffee mug for flavor. Honey is an age-old treatment that soothes irritation and inflammation in the throat.

4. Consume beverage twice daily until infection symptoms improve.

Turmeric, Pepper, Milk Drink

5. Measure one cup milk, pour into pot. Bring milk to a rolling boil for approximately two minutes.

6. Reduce burner setting to a low or warm heat setting, allowing milk to simmer.

7. Measure one tsp. turmeric powder, and one tsp. pepper powder, pour into simmering milk. Turmeric is a natural antibiotic that will reduce tonsil inflammation, providing both pain relief and natural medicine.

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8. Stir mixture for two minutes. Remove pot from burner, allow to cool for five minutes.

9. Carefully pour the milk into a coffee mug. Consume this beverage once a day, for three days, for best results.

Garlic Guard

10. Peel one clove garlic. Dice clove directly in half.

11. Place one half inside plastic zip lock baggie, store in refrigerator. Only one half clove is needed per day for this remedy.

12. Slice half garlic clove into four smaller sectionals. Garlic must be bite-size pieces.

13. Consume the four garlic clove sectionals. Only consume one half clove of garlic per day for one week. Raw garlic is known to ward bacterial and viral bodies that cause infection, is a natural antiseptic, boosts the immune system, and reduces inflammation.