Treat A Stye In The Eye Naturally

Using a tea bag is a natural way to treat a stye.

Styes are painful infections along the eyelid that are more annoying then they are harmful. These infections are rarely harmful, yet just because they aren’t serious doesn’t mean they don’t hurt. Once you have a stye, all you can think about is making it go away as soon as possible. There are different natural methods that you can employ to help reduce and treat your stye quickly, from the comfort of your own home. Though they may seem unorthodox, the tea bag method and the potato paste method both significantly reduce and help treat styes.


The Tea Bag Method

1. Immerse an herbal tea bag in very warm water. The tea bag method is one of the most effective natural ways to significantly reduce your stye by half its size.

2. Remove the tea bag from the water once it has completely absorbed water.

3. Shake off excess water from the tea bag.

4. Apply and hold the tea bag to the stye-infected eye for approximately five minutes.

5. Continue with the tea-bag compress several times per day.

The Potato Paste Method

6. Cook a potato by either boiling or baking it until it is soft enough to turn into a paste. Holding a cloth with the potato paste mix onto the eye with the stye significantly reduces swelling and inflammation.

7. Mash the cooked potato with some water until a paste-like texture develops.

8. Spread the paste evenly onto a cloth.

9. Apply the cloth with the potato paste externally onto the infected stye.