Treat A Sebaceous Cyst

If you notice a small, ball-like lump under your skin, it could be a sebaceous cyst. While you should always get any worrying skin developments checked out by a doctor, you don’t necessarily need to get them treated with heavy-duty medications. If you have a small sebaceous cyst (less than 1 cm in diameter), you can usually treat it yourself.



1. A sebaceous cyst will feel like a fluid-filled ball beneath the skin. You should get a doctor to look at the lump before treatment. It could be a different kind of cyst or infection, which could be more serious.

2. If it is indeed a sebaceous cyst, fill a heating pad with hot water or dip a washcloth in very hot water. The heating pad method is preferred, as it retains heat for a longer time.

3. Place the pad or washcloth on the cyst for 15 minutes. Repeat twice a day.

4. The heat will help to dissolve the fluid that’s built up inside the cyst.

5. Your cyst should be gone or significantly reduced within ten days.

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