Treat A Chest Cold

Treat a Chest Cold

There are many reasons why your body breaks down and you come down with a chest cold. Lack of sleep, catching infectious germs from others and smoking too much will bring on a chest cold. Fortunately, there are natural ways that you can go about to remedy it. Start by taking a holistic approach to your health–attacking the sickness from a variety of angles, and your cold will be gone in no time. Read on to learn treat a chest cold.


1. When you suffer with a chest cold, your lungs and breathing capacity are restricted-so open them up naturally. Do a chamomile inhalation. Pour boiling water over a handful of the loose form of German chamomile that you have in a ceramic bowl. For 15 minutes, bend your head over the bowl and inhale as deeply as you can, taking short breaths of fresh air in between. Chamomile has an active ingredient that works directly on the lungs to open up your airways.

2. Old fashioned remedies are old for a reason. They have been tried and tested over the ages and they work. Relax at night by rubbing menthol vapor rub on your chest. The menthol increases the surface area of your lungs to receive more air and allow you to breathe more freely.

3. Buy yourself a box of herbal tea called “Breathe Easy” by Traditional Medicinals. It is a synergystic blend of herbs that will work directly on your chest cold.

4. Add some drops of echinacea tincture to your tea and sweeten it with honey to taste. Echinacea is recognized and approved in Europe as a cold remedy. In increases your body’s natural healing powers so your body literally attacks the disease itself and allows you to recover quicker than if you took nothing at all. Consult your health care provider before adding any herbal remedies to your treatment. Follow all dosing instructions.

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