Treat A Canker Sore On A Toddler

Treat a Canker Sore on a Toddler

Canker sores are painful ulcers found inside the mouth. The exact cause is unknown, but certain factors seem to put people at risk. These include deficiencies of B12, folic acid and iron, food allergies and weakened immunity. Injuries to the mouth can also trigger them. You can do several things to treat your child’s canker sore at home and medical care is usually unnecessary. If you are unsure about any treatments, check with your child’s doctor.


1. Look for over-the-counter canker sore remedies containing carbamide peroxide, benzocaine, menthol or eucalyptol. These treatments ease pain and can lessen the length of the outbreak. Use as directed.

2. Make a homemade rinse that will ease pain and speed healing. Try mixing two ounces of hydrogen peroxide and two ounces of water. Another combination is four ounces of water, one tsp of salt and one tsp of baking soda. Your child can use the rinse four times a day for one minute. Remind him not to swallow it.

3. Place a wet black tea bag on the canker sore. It contains tannins, a substance that can alleviate pain.

4. Do not give your child spicy or acidic foods.

5. Make an appointment with your doctor if the sore lasts longer than two weeks or if it is so painful your child cannot eat or drink properly. He might need stronger medications that only a doctor can prescribe. If your doctor does prescribe any topical treatments, certain steps are necessary to ensure maximum effect. Dry the area around the sore with a tissue and apply the medication with a Q-tip. Do not let your child eat or drink for at least 30 minutes.

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