Toddler Teething & Molar Cutting Pain Remedies

Teething Instructions

Infants can begin getting teeth as early as three months. This is just the beginning of their baby teeth which can continue to come in through the toddler years. The molars are not the first teeth that come in, but they are just as painful. You will want to be prepared to help your toddler get through teething by reducing the amount of pain they experience.

Numbing the Gums

Take a baby teething ring and place it in the freezer. It comes with a gel inside that is just for this purpose. Allow your toddler to chew on the teething ring for as long and as often as he wants. This will numb the gums and give your toddler some relief from the pain. If you don’t have any teething rings you can also use popsicles. Since popsicles are ice, they too will numb the gum.

Pain Relievers

Administer a pain reliever when your toddler is obviously uncomfortable. Both Tylenol and Advil come in an infants’ and children’s formula. Dosages are based on weight and age. Each bottle will have a chart on the back that you can follow, but just to be safe, you may want to contact the nurse at your pediatricians office to confirm the correct dosage. You don’t want to give your child more than four doses of either pain reliever in one day. You will want to wait four to six hours before giving another dose of Tylenol or six to eight before giving another dose of Advil.

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Instant Relief Gel

Use a dab of Baby Orajel when your toddler is crying from the pain of a new tooth. This gel will offer some instant relief, although it won’t last as long as the other methods mentioned thus far. Make sure you are using the Orajel that is for teething toddlers and infants, and not the brand intended for adults. Place one small dab on your pointer finger and rub it in to the gum where the new tooth is emerging. The gel will begin to work right away to relieve the pain.

Gum Massage

Wash your hands with soap and water and then massage your toddler’s gums. This will not only help with the pain, but it will also help the new tooth break through the gum. If you are uncomfortable placing your finger in your toddler’s mouth, you can place a cold wash cloth over your finger and use that to massage the gum. The pressure is what brings the relief.