Tinnitus Homeopathic Diet

Many people experience tinnitus, a continuous ringing and hissing in the inner ear. A tinnitus episode can last a short amount of time, or it can become a constant affliction, hindering your ability to function normally in daily life. Fortunately, you have access to treatments and preventative measures for this ailment. Change your diet and incorporate dietary supplements tp make a huge impact on your tinnitus episodes.


Tinnitus stems from issues in the inner ear. You may have a buildup of wax in your ear canal, for example, which lowers your ability to hear other noises and amplifies the noises inside your ear. You may have an infection or inflammation in the middle ear, a more serious cause; treat it before it results in further damage and possible hearing loss. Tinnitus can also result from a head or brain trauma, or from abnormal growth of the middle ear bone. People with low circulation sometimes have ringing in the ears. High cholesterol can clog arteries and lower the oxygen supply to the inner ear. Finally, poor diet and inadequate vitamin intake also play big factors in causing tinnitus episodes.


The continuous ringing and hissing can make it hard to concentrate or sleep. Many people with tinnitus also have anxiety issues and sleeping disruptions.


Certain foods, such as highly processed foods, refined sugars and flour, animal proteins, caffeine, stimulants, saturated fats, nicotine and flavor enhancers, can exacerbate the symptoms. Salt, possibly the biggest culprit of them all, causes you to retain more fluid in the ear, potentially bringing on a tinnitus attack.

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Incorporate leafy greens, apricots, baked potatoes, beets, nuts, whole grains, fish, eggs, bananas, beans, blueberries, yellow vegetables, dairy, lamb, poultry, oysters and unsaturated fats into your diet to help lessen the frequency and degree of your tinnitus symptoms.


Use dietary supplements to help maintain a good balance within your body and keep it working properly, thus improving your tinnitus symptoms. Incorporate your regular multivitamin supplement along with a 50 mg B complex twice daily, 1 mg of B-12, 10,000 international units of vitamin A, 400 international units of vitamin E and 30 mg of zinc. Ginko biloba also treats tinnitus, among other afflictions.

Other Remedies

Avoid extermely noisy or completely silent places, both of which can make the symptoms feel worse. Background or white noise helps level out the ringing. Protect your ears with earplugs or other safety measures while around loud noises, such as gunfire or loud machinery, to prevent further damage. Avoid ingesting high levels of alcohol, caffeine or aspirin, which may aggravate the condition. Try lowering stress levels in your daily life and adapting some relaxation techniques. If you have a high cholesterol level, work to lower it to restore the oxygen flow to the ear.