The Lovage Method Of Colon Cleansing

If you are suffering from digestive problems, you may be interested in using the lovage method of colon cleansing. The benefits of natural colon cleansing are that the body is less likely to react negatively or suffer from painful side effects as with pharmaceutical colon cleansers. Bloating, gas and irritable bowels indicate a need for colon detox that can be accomplished through the lovage method of using natural herbs. If you want a fast and healthy method of colon-cleansing, consider using this homeopathic remedy.

About Lovage

Lovage is a type of herb that grows very tall and produces yellow flowers. In many parts of Europe, the people use lovage as a food additive, as it is much like celery. It adds flavor and helps digestion. The plant is very good for other plants, as it helps them take in nutrients and shields them from pests. When eaten, lovage increases digestive secretions and stimulates the colon.


You can use a few leaves of lovage in your foods when you cook to help you digest the food and cleanse the colon. You can also make a lovage tea by steeping the leaves in hot water and adding some mint for flavoring. The longer you steep it, the stronger the tea and laxative effect. If you drink the tea before bed, the herb can work throughout the night in your stomach and have a mild laxative effect in the morning.


The advantages of colon cleansing with natural herbs is that you can control the strength of the treatment. With over-the-counter products, you may not be aware of how strong the effect will be. When you steep leaves, you can control the potency of the tea. You are not putting anything toxic in your body, and the herbs will actually provide nutrients while detoxing your colon.

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