The Effects Of Testosterone Shots

The Effects of Testosterone Shots

Testosterone is a hormone produced naturally by both men and women. It impacts mood, hair growth and sexual development, as well as other physical characteristics such as skin clarity. Normally, the human body produces a sufficient amount of this hormone, but sometimes testosterone levels are abnormally low. Testosterone shots given to correct abnormally low testosterone levels have many different effects.


Testosterone, along with other hormones in the body, is connected to mood. According to pediatrician Dr. Alan Greene of, testosterone shots may cause you to be more aggressive. You also may feel irritable or very happy, having mood swings based on the testosterone level.


Greene points out on his website that testosterone is a type of steroid that people take to bulk up. You may experience some weight gain and become stronger because of added muscle mass. This can be a great thing if your body isn’t making enough testosterone by itself and you are underweight and weak, but if you already have enough testosterone, this weight gain and change in muscle is not good–increased muscle mass affects all muscles of the body, including the heart, and an enlarged heart may become taxed and fail. This problem is compounded by the fact that testosterone may raise blood pressure and cholesterol levels; this further taxes the heart.

Other Minor Side Effects

According to both and Greene, there are many minor side effects of testosterone shots, including changes in libido, tiredness, sore or irritated gums, headache, hair loss and acne. You also may experience rashes, water retention or the development of the breast tissue (gynecomastia).

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Major Side Effects

Virtually all forms of testosterone may produce some major, dangerous side effects in some cases, although low doses usually are safe. The website recommends that you seek immediate medical assistance if you experience dizziness, nausea, stomach pain, changes in the size and shape of the genitalia, trouble breathing, or swelling in the lower limbs. Other problems listed by Greene include cysts and liver tumors. These signal an allergic reaction, or problems with the nervous, gastrointestinal and/or endocrine/urogenital systems.


Low doses of testosterone are considered much safer than high doses. In addition, there are some homeopathic means of boosting testosterone naturally, such as eating right and eating certain types of food like beef and oysters. You therefore do not have to view testosterone shots as a last resort. The most important key to remember is that you do not need shots unless your body isn’t producing the testosterone it needs on its own and you can’t boost the production naturally. They shouldn’t be taken just to enhance your look. You always should have your hormone levels tested before proceeding with any hormone treatment regimen.