The Best Unique Drinking Glasses You Can Use Every Day

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It’s universally accepted that drinking any beverage, be it water or a spicy marg, tastes exponentially better when it’s out of a chic glass. We don’t make the rules here! And let’s face it, the run-of-the-mill water glasses out there tend to leave a little something to be desired. So naturally, we took it upon ourselves to source a selection of alternatives that bring a fresh dose of color, shape, and personality to the table. Pun fully intended. 

Now, buying a stylish drinking glass that you can easily swap into your current stockpile shouldn’t have to entail a big-budget revamp. If you’re the type who happens to break them all too easily, maybe consider starting out with just a few, in lieu of splurging on a whole set. Either way, we set out to uncover the coolest options on the market right now, and (spoiler alert) you definitely won’t want to miss out on what we found.

Here, the best unique drinking glasses you can buy now. 

Final Verdict

Overall, we recommend the Kinn Home Set of 6 Jade Glasses (view at Kinn Home), which are tinted green for a vintage look and are dishwasher-safe. If you’re looking for something more budget-friendly, we recommend the Bormioli Rocco Italian Crinkle Glasses (view at Food52), which are durable, sculptural in appearance, dishwasher-safe, and surprisingly affordable.

What to Look for in a Drinking Glass

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Most drinking glasses are made of, well, glass—although the type of glass differs. Borosilicate glass is highly durable, making it one of the best materials for drinking glasses. Soda lime glass is less durable, although it’s usually much less expensive, making it a still popular option for drinkware. Tempered glass is the most durable option, and glassware made using it is typically highly resistant to breaking and chipping. It’s thicker than other types of glass though, so it’s not quite as stylish as other options.

When it comes to drinking glasses, you can find options ranging from small (four inches) to tall (16 inches). Standard drinking glasses usually fall somewhere between 12-14 inches, but it’s really up to your personal preference. If you want a drinking glass that’s versatile enough to use every day, whether for water or cocktails, go for something larger. If you typically drink out of a water bottle during the day and just want decorative glasses you can pull out for dinner parties, something small will do.

Depending on the materials used and any decorative features added, some drinking glasses will be hand-wash only. If you don’t have a dishwasher or plan to only use your favorite glasses when you have guests over, that shouldn’t be a problem. If you want more of an everyday glass that you can place in the dishwasher regularly, just double check that you pick one that’s strong enough to handle it.
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