The 10 Best Tips From Experts on Hunting for an Apartment

Create a List of Non-Negotiables
Patrick Cline for The Finish

Before you step foot into a potential apartment, create two lists: one of non-negotiables and one of nice-to-haves. Those lists will keep you focused and on task during late-night Zillow scrolling and in-person showings, so you’re not dazzled by a new-build apartment (with a gym! and a pool!) that’s out of your budget or blinded by a space littered with red flags but architecturally beautiful. While everyone’s lists will look different, Kowles has a couple of non-negotiables of his own. “For me, great light overrides all other apartment dwelling concerns,” he says. “An apartment, no matter its size, should have a window in every room – yes, including the bathroom!” His other must-have? “Closets, closets, closets,” Kowles says. “It’s no joke. You want them.”

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