Teething Home Remedies

Teething Pains

Teething is a rough time, both for a baby and his parents. The standard treatments for teething pains mostly include pain relievers and chemicals. Parents choosing to avoid giving these products to their young children need teething home remedies. These remedies do not require chemicals and are usually made from products already around the home. Teething home remedies are convenient and inexpensive to make, and often work better than pain medications at relieving teething pain quickly.

Frozen Foods

Cold is one of the best treatments for teething pains. Frozen teething home remedies include popsicles or freeze pops. Frozen fruit, such as peach slices, also works well to soothe sore gums. Some teething babies enjoy chewing on a frozen bagel or waffle; just be sure to watch for gummed off pieces that they could choke on.

Ice water, smoothies and milk shakes are also useful as home teething remedies. Your older child may enjoy teething on pickles or homemade teething biscuits. Almost any cold or frozen food feels soothing on painful gums and can help a baby find a lot of relief.

Rub-on Relief

Some teething home remedies can bring a lot of pain relief just by rubbing them onto the gums. Olive oil and chamomile tea are both said to reduce teething pain. A paste made from ginger or allspice helps to reduce the pain and swelling associated with teething. Ginger will also help to settle the stomach, which may be irritated by the amount of saliva being swallowed. A tiny amount of clove oil or natural vanilla extract may also be used.

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Other Types of Teething Home Remedies

Massaging your child’s gums with a clean finger can be a handy way to soothe teething pains when you are away from home. Wetting down a washcloth and then freezing it is another easy way to relieve teething pains. Cold spoons also work well.

When babies are teething, they chew on various items to reduce their discomfort. Almost anything that is safe for babies can be used for this purpose. Giving your child something clean to chew on is a better alternative than her finding something that may not be safe to chew on. Teething home remedies are safe alternatives to medicated pain relievers and unsafe objects that may wind up in a teething baby’s mouth.