Sytropin Side Effects

Sytropin is a dietary supplement that allegedly induces the release of human growth hormone (HGH), a hormone that is responsible for muscle development and growth. As we age, our bodies produce less and less HGH; some physicians believe this reduction in HGH is a key factor behind the weight gain, loss of energy, hair loss, sluggishness and decreased muscle mass that come as a direct result of the aging process.


Unlike other HGH injections that are prescribed by doctors, sytropin is an oral spray.


Sytropin is a blend of L-group amino acids, human growth hormone and growth factors, containing L-Arginine, Alpha GPC, Gaba, L-Dopa bean extract, Glycine, L-Isoleucene, L-glutamine, L-Lysine, Moomiyo Extract L-Tyrosine, L-Valine and Ornithine Alpha Ketoglutarate.

Side Effects

Because sytropin is a natural substance, there are no known side effects. Each of the ingredients is either a mineral or amino acid that can be taken in pill form.


According to some reviews of the product, exact amounts of each ingredient are not clearly labeled, leading skeptics to claim there is no possible way to incorporate so many diverse ingredients into one supplement.


Sytropin is a dietary supplement, so it doesn’t need a prescription, nor does it need to be approved by the Federal Food and Drug Administration (FDA).


Talk to a doctor before taking sytropin if you are pregnant, nursing, or taking other medications or supplements.

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