Swelling In Right Leg In Pregnancy

Swelling during pregnancy is common, but there’s a thin line between what’s normal and what’s going to be a threat to the future mother’s health.

A pregnant belly


When a woman becomes pregnant, she takes on double the amount of fluids she normally would. Swelling is a normal occurrence for someone who’s carting around all that extra blood and water and can occur as soon as the first trimester


Swelling is more common during the summer months. If you are on the go, and remain on your feet for long periods throughout the day, chances are you’re going to have some swelling in the leg and ankle by the end of the day.

Right side

The right side of your body has a vein called the vena cava, which allows blood to flow from the lower part of your body back up to your heart. The pressure your baby is putting on your uterus can cause this blood to slow down, which ultimately causes swelling.


Swelling in the right leg during the third trimester can become uncomfortable, so make sure that you rest on your left side to take pressure off of the vena cava nerve.


If you find that swelling your right leg has become unbearable, apply cold compresses and make sure that you are keeping that leg elevated at least once per day.


If you are feeling extremely thirsty but are drinking plenty of water, or you notice puffiness around the eyes, it’s time to call your doctor. Swelling is common, but there are health issues such as diabetes that can be the cause.

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