Sulfur 6x For Dog Skin Problems

There is relief for your dog’s skin problems with homeopathic sulfur 6X.

Dealing with skin problems affecting your dog is one of the more difficult problems for a dog owner. There are a multitude of factors that can cause skin disorders, with immune deficiencies as the number one cause. Finding relief for your dog is a major concern. Sulfur 6X is an all natural homeopathic product for the relief of most skin disorders in both animals and humans.


According to and, sulfur 6X is an all natural relief for a multitude of skin disorders and other problems faced by humans and animals. The only ingredient is sulfur powder, which is a mineral that has been found to maintain good overall health for your dog. Sulfur is found in all living organisms in body fluids, cells and tissues, and is part of the amino acid chain. As the body uses these amino acids, supplements of sulfur are needed to rebuild the damaged skin and coat, with protection from lice, fleas, other external parasites, and many other skin disorders.

Affected Skin Disorders

Sulfur 6X can be used to treat mange, eczema, psoriasis, ringworm, dermatitis, scabies and yeast infections. Some of the signs of a skin disorder in your dog are skin rashes, hair loss, dry flaky skin and scabs. A treatment of sulfur 6X supplement will begin the process to a healthier skin and coat.


Dogs that are deficient in the mineral sulfur are more susceptible to parasite infestation and skin disorders, as documented by The benefit of sulfur 6x is to stop the itching and replenish the body’s amino acids and minerals.

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According to, administer the Sulfur 6X daily by placing a tablet either on the tongue of your dog or down the throat, preferably without touching the tablet. Avoid food 10 minutes before and after administering the sulfur 6X for it to better take effect. Once the condition starts clearing up, you can begin to cut back on dosage, giving them further apart until completely cured.

Side Effects

Homeopathic medicines, such as Sulfur 6X are virtually very safe with no known side effects, as stated by