Stretch Mark Treatment Products

Stretch marks are caused when the dermis, the layer of skin underneath the epidermis, stretches and the collagen and elastin break. This causes thin lines that are at first raised and red, and later turn white and then a silvery color. Traditionally, cocoa butter has been used on stretch marks, but recent studies have shown that it might be ineffective. Many stretch mark sufferers use methods including mesotherapy, micro needling or dry skin brushing.


Stretch marks might be partly due to genetics and may also be caused by using certain steroids, but usually they result from progressive stretching of the skin, which happens during rapid weight gain or during pregnancy. There is no cure for stretch marks, although anecdotal evidence suggests that massaging with creams and lotions might help.


Stretch marks are a cosmetic problem only. They represent no health risk, and they will fade over time. Because they fade over time, it is difficult to tell whether a suggested remedy actually worked, or whether time alone lessened the stretch marks. After six months, stretch marks naturally fade to a less noticeable color and texture and are no longer raised.


Mesotherapy for stretch marks is recommended for people in their 20s and 30s, and it consists of injecting a cocktail of vitamins just under the skin. According to the Mesotherapy Handbook, the patient needs several treatments annually. Mesotherapy works best when the patient also follows an exercise program, does not drink alcohol, eliminates toxins and wears sunscreen.

Micro Needling

With micro needling, you roll a tube with very thin, small needles covering over the stretch marks, which stimulates collagen production. This occurs because the skin produces a healing response to being slightly irritated or injured by the needles. This type of therapy is called collagen induction. The idea behind it is that if you trick your body into thinking it is injured, it will heal itself, and the stretch marks will disappear.

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Dry Skin Brushing

Dry skin brushing relies on stimulating your skin by brushing it with a vegetable bristle brush. This method works best as a preventative. By daily brushing of the skin before showering, you can make skin healthier and less susceptible to the breakage and damage that causes stretch marks. According to Dr. Emily Kane, it is a Scandinavian beauty secret. It takes only five minutes a day. You simply brush the skin toward the heart, avoiding sensitive or irritated areas.

Laser Dermabrasion

Laser dermabrasion is a costly treatment option that might lessen the appearance of stretch marks, but skin might be irritated for days afterward. According to Kane, this method might be effective for superficial stretch marks. Deeper stretch marks might not see any improvement.


Thiosinaminum is a rare and obscure homeopathic cure for scarring, according to Kane. Ask a homeopathic physician about this cure. According to, a producer of homeopathic remedies since 1987, it is derived from the mustard seed and is also useful for ringing in the ears, tumors and fibroids.