Stress Hives Treatment

Hives occur when the skin has an allergic reaction. Welts or red bumps will appear. These welts come from the release of histamine. A variety of factors, such as stress, can cause the hives to appear.


While allergens and other factors trigger the appearance of hives, doctors also believe that psychological stress is also a big reason for the emergence of hives.


Hives can appear all over the body, but are most common on the face and the upper portion of your trunk. These hives may itch and, sometimes, swelling of the eyelids and tongue may accompany difficult breathing in severe cases.


Dietary change is a key factor to preventing hives. Among the foods that trigger hives, dairy, nuts chocolate, coffee and cured meats are the most common.


Taking Vitamins C and B12 have shown to reduce the risk of hives. Vitamin C lowers level of histamine, and B12 helps heal severe cases.

Green Tea

Drinking green tea is also thought to help with hives. Doctors suggest drinking three cups per day.

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