Strengthen A Lymphatic System

Strengthen a Lymphatic System

The lymphatic system drains waste from cells. A weakened lymphatic system causes symptoms like allergies, chronic sinusitis, inflammation, loss of energy and cellulite. It may also contribute to diseases like MS and cancer. Whether you have chronic problems or just want to be healthy, follow these steps to strengthen your lymphatic system.


1. Exercise regularly. Most doctors recommend thirty minutes of cardiovascular exercise three times a week. Vigorous exercise strengthens your lymphatic system by increasing the circulation within the system, which allows your body to dispose of toxins, excess fluid and other waste product in your body.

2. Get a massage. Like exercise, a massage can stimulate the circulation within the lymphatic system. Some people find it beneficial to get a massage once a week, where others require a less frequent basis. The type of lubrication used by the massage therapist may actually block the escape of toxins, so make sure she uses an organic or natural product.

3. Talk with your doctor about your treatment. Some traditional drugs, therapies and medications can weaken your lymphatic system. Often prescribed medications block the body’s ability to eliminate waste and foreign substances in your system. By strengthening your lymphatic system, you may eliminate the need for the prescription.

4. Drink plenty of water. When you drink eight ounces of water six to eight times per day, you ensure that your lymphatic system is hydrated. This helps your body flush out foreign substances and waste.

5. Eat a balanced diet. The way you eat affects your body’s ability to defend itself. You strengthen your entire immune system by supplying it with nutritious foods that are free from excess chemicals and hormones. Eating natural or organic foods helps eliminate foreign substances getting into your body and allows your lymphatic system to focus on other issues your body may have.

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6. Take herbal supplements. There are a variety of herbs that have been shown to strengthen your lymphatic system by increasing your circulation. Ginger, garlic, cayenne and Gingko biloba are herbs that can be taken together or separately. You can also take calendula and wild carrot seed, also known as Queen Anne’s lace. Herbs can be taken in capsule form or in teas.