Stop Cystic Acne With Natural Acne Remedies

Prevent cystic acne with natural acne remedies.

Cystic acne is a severe acne formation, resulting from infected skin pores that have become clogged with dirt, bacteria and oil. An acne cyst forms as a result of the infected skin, and cystic acne begins to spread. If cystic acne is left untreated, it usually spreads and becomes more severe, which can lead to acne scarring. Cystic acne can develop on the face, chest, back, shoulders and occasionally the upper arms. Cystic acne is sometimes spread by touching infected areas with your hands and then touching other parts of the face or skin.

Treatment for cystic acne is available in a variety medicines, but pills and certain skin cream can irritate skin. However, if cystic acne has already severely progressed, you should see a dermatologist. If you prefer a natural acne treatment, you can reduce or even prevent cystic acne, by making positive changes in day to day activities.

The following steps are some natural acne solutions that can help prevent or even stop cystic acne before it gets out of control.


1. Stop eating junk foods and processed foods. Poor eating habits contribute to cystic acne problems, as well as other health problems. Foods that contain toxins and preservatives directly affect your skin, which can cause cystic acne. The same thing goes for unhealthy sweeteners and drinks. Prevent cystic acne by instead eating organic food, fruits and vegetables. Changing your diet will cleanse your skin from the inside.

Natural home remedies can certainly prevent or remove acne, but it could take at least one month or longer before your face clears up. For faster results, use the recommended site in the resources section below to safely and naturally get rid of your acne without the use of harmful drugs.

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2. Exercise daily. Cystic acne problems are often a result of lack of exercise. Body toxins are released when you sweat, and it helps keep skin pores unclogged and healthy. If you can’t exercise, you can also go to a sauna. Exercise and sweat is great for the skin.

3. Avoid touching your face with dirty hands. The best acne treatments and medicines won’t do much if you’re constantly touching your face with dirty hands. Often times, this is how cystic acne is spread. Every time you touch your face, your depositing bacteria into the pores of your skin. Acne cysts are commonly formed from constant contact from dirty hands.

4. Wash your skin with soap and warm water at least twice a day. This will help keep the skin clean and free of bacteria. Sometimes something as simple as washing skin with soap and water can act as a good treatment for cystic acne.

5. Use these household items as a natural acne treatment. You can use sandalwood paste and turmeric paste. Toothpaste can be used to help treat and dry out an acne cyst. Apply egg whites to your skin which is a very effective treatment for cystic acne. Use olive oil as a natural skin cleanser and help dry out the areas infected with severe acne. Olive oil mixed with water dissolves dead skin and helps keep the pores unclogged.

6. Get the proper amount of sleep. Your skins repair time is during sleep. If you’re not getting eight or more hours of sleep each night, you’re not allowing your skin enough time to heal itself. If you rarely get much sleep then you will find that your cystic acne problems will probably continue to get worse.

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7. Drink water frequently every day. Water helps flush toxins out of your body, so they don’t end up infecting your skin which creates cystic acne problems. You should drink eight glasses of water a day. Water keeps your body hydrated and functioning the way it’s supposed to.

8. Maintain a positive way of thinking. Stress contributes to cystic acne. Focus on improving your daily activities. In many cases, making positive changes in your life can work as a great treatment for cystic acne.