Stimulate Production Of Hgh

Stimulate Production of HGH

Advocates of alternative medicine and health food consider human growth hormone, or HGH, the key to the fountain of youth. This is the hormone that helps keep our bodies young, strong and supple. The problem is that with age, the body makes less and less of it. But there are things you can do to maximize your body‘s production of HGH and keep youself looking younger, leaner and more muscular longer.


1. Get plenty of sleep. Growth hormone is mostly secreted during the first two hours of deep sleep. Getting adequate sleep is a must if you want to maximize growth hormone output. Get at least seven hours sleep every night, between the hours of 10 pm and 6 am.

2. Eat high-protein meals. Growth hormone output rises in response to a high-protein meal. Every time you sit down to a meal, after eating any salad that is served, focus on consuming all the protein before moving to the carbohydrates.

3. Keep carbohydrate consumption low during the day. When your body‘s carbohydrate stores run low, the body responds with more growth hormone. Fresh fruits and vegetables are great for the day, but avoid any breads and sugars. Small protein meals during the day are good as well.

4. Use short rest periods when working out. When you hit the gym, try to keep your heart rate up a little. If you use shorter rest periods between exercise sets, like one to two minutes as opposed to three or four, your heart rate will stay elevated and your body will increase HGH production.

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Another good way to do this is to combine two exercises that work two different body parts, like legs and shoulders. This way you have a longer rest between each set of a combined exercise, but you still get more work done in less time. What you’ll do is a single set of exercise one and then go immediately into exercise two with little or no rest. Rest for one to two minutes and repeat.

5. Take a growth hormone supplement, which helps maintain your body’s production of human growth hormone. These supplements should be taken before bed and as a rule should help you sleep or make you sleepy. If they do not, then generally they aren’t working. See the Resources for an example product.