Start A Business In Natural Health

A sauna can be one element of a natural health plan.

Natural health provides a reasonably safe, affordable alternative to mainstream treatments. Natural health strategies include medicinal herbs, homeopathy, massage and holistic diets. A natural health business can specialize in one of these areas, or it can offer a broad range of natural health products and services. You do not need any special licenses or certification to start a natural health business, although you do need to hire personnel with appropriate credentials if your business will offer natural health services.


1. Write a business plan for your natural health business. Provide a description of the products and services you will provide, and the focus of your company. Include information about your background in natural health and business. Even if you do not have a certification or a degree, tell your personal story about how you came to be interested in natural health. Create a marketing plan for your natural health business describing your target market, and the strategies and resources you will use to reach them. Prepare financial information to support your natural health business plan. Include a balance sheet detailing your personal assets and liabilities. Also include cash flow and income statement projections demonstrating how much it will cost to start your natural health business, and how much business you will need to transact to break even and earn a profit.

2. Obtain the licenses necessary for the type of natural health business you plan to start. Contact your city and state revenue departments and apply for business licenses. If your business will be offering services such as massage or naturopathy that require state certification, make sure that practitioners on your staff are properly licensed.

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3. Lease a space for your natural health business. If you will be offering natural health services, outfit rooms with massage tables or exam tables. Set up a retail area with herbal products, vitamins, massage tools, yoga mats and books about natural health. Decorate your natural health business with natural fabrics and earth tones.

4. Market your natural health business by advertising in periodicals, such as local holistic health magazines and food coop newsletters, that target the demographics customers you’d like to have. Purchase listings in coupon books that focus on health-conscious and environmentally conscious consumers. Post signs at yoga centers and natural foods stores. Offer incentives such as discounts to existing customers in exchange for referrals.