Smoker’S Cough Home Remedies

Smoker’s cough, not surprisingly, is a condition that is mainly caused by smoking and can usually lead to more serious problems. While the primary remedy is to quit smoking, there are home remedies you can try to relieve the symptoms of a smoker’s cough.


Coughing starts with bacteria. The toxins from cigarettes harm the body and the response of the body is to cough them out. Smoker’s cough is not only aggravating, but also can be a sign of a more serious problem such as a cold, fever, tuberculosis or emphysema.

Home Remedies

Try chewing gum so you will not smoke as much. Gum or candy can be used to keep yourself occupied, therefore clearing up the smoker’s cough.

Drink a lot of water. Water works to lubricate the throat so that the bruising caused from coughing constantly will be less painful. Water also helps to keep the body hydrated, while cigarette smoke dries it out.

Smoking cigarettes gets rid of vitamin C and calcium in the body. Drink a lot of fresh lemon juice every day to replenish the body with vitamin C and calcium.

Mix honey in with hot tea. Honey is a lubricant and will soothe the throat from smoker’s cough.

Gargle with warm salt water many times a day to help clear phlegm in your throat.

Take ¼ tsp. red pepper, 1 tbsp. apple cider vinegar, ¼ tsp. ground ginger, 1 tbsp. honey and mix with 2 tbsp. water. Mix all ingredients well to form a paste. Whenever a cough comes on, take 1 tsp. of this mixture to help subside coughing.

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Fill a large pot with water and boil it. Inhale the steam from the boiling water, taking deep breaths, while covering your head with a towel. This will help calm your coughs and get rid of phlegm.

Boil Eucalyptus and mint leaves in water. While the water cools, inhale the vapors from these leaves and this should help stop the smoker’s cough.

Crush two garlic cloves and place them in a glass of milk. Boil this mixture until it reduces to half in size. Strain the mixture and add sugar to taste. Drink this mixture twice a day for at least a week to see improvement in the smoker’s cough.

If the symptoms don’t improve or the smoker’s cough becomes worse, visit your doctor immediately to get medical attention. This condition could turn into something more serious.