Side Effects Of Oscillococcinum

Oscillococcinum is a type of flu remedy that is offered over the counter as a way to reduce the severity of your symptoms as well as decrease the length of your illness. The main active ingredient in oscillococcinum is oscillo which is regulated by the FDA for use as a flu treatment. If you do plan to use oscillococcinum to treat the flu, research any side effects in order to protect your health.


When you purchase oscillococcinum, you will find several tubes of the medication that contain extremely small pellets. You place the contents of the tube under the tongue and it will rapidly dissolve. It contains sugar which gives it a sweet taste, which makes it easier to consume. The manufacturer recommends that you take oscillococcinum at the first sign of illness in order to prevent you from developing a severe case of the flu.


The manufacturers of oscillococcinum list on their packaging that no side effects will occur when taking the homeopathic medication. However, clinical trial information posted on the Complementary and Alternative Medicine website showed that approximately three percent of participants indicated that they have experienced mild side effects with the drug.


The side effects reported by users of oscillococcinum in clinical trials were mild and did not last for a significant period of time. The most common reported side effects were headache and a mild skin rash. Other reported side effects included fatigue, dizziness, stomach upset and a worsening of the flu symptoms.


When compared to other flu remedies, oscillococcinum has been found to carry a very small risk of the patient experiencing any side effects. Many of the side effects reported in the clinical trials may have been related to the person’s illness and not caused by the actual drug. However, any concerns about side effects should be addressed by your physician.

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If you are diabetic, you should consult with a physician prior to taking oscillococcinum since the drug contains sugar. It can possibly interfere with the insulin used to control a person’s diabetes. Pregnant and breast feeding women as well as patients with a serious medical condition should also give their doctor a call prior to taking oscillococcinum.