Shoulder Pain & Homeopathic Medicine

Homeopathic medicine strives to be a tool to help speed the healing process using plants, minerals and elements to restore harmony and internal balance to our body when we’re ill. Homeopathic remedies can be successful in treating many pain conditions involving the shoulder, rotator cuff injuries and the pain from various forms of arthritis.


Try Chelidonium to treat shoulder pain when your muscles feel sore to the touch and when the pain is located in the shoulder blade. Although more commonly referred to as Greater Celandine, Wartweed and Swallow Wort, Chelidonium is a major plant remedy used in homeopathy to treat various pain issues, but is particularly beneficial for treating shoulder pain. Chelidonium has shown effectiveness in relieving pain when pressure is applied to the affected area.

Rhus Tox

For shoulder pain that accompanies stiffness and swelling and tends to be arthritic in nature, try the remedy Rhus tox. As an all-around homeopathic remedy used for treating many joint type pains, Rhus tox is derived from the poison oak plant that grows in abundance throughout North America. Use Rhus tox when the affected area is sore to the touch, when there is pain and stiffness in the mornings and upon walking. Patients have reported that their pain symptoms improve when they’re in warm, dry surroundings.

Ferrum Metallicum

For pain symptoms which include weakness, heaviness and pain at the joint of the shoulder, try the remedy Ferrum metallicum. Ferrum metallicum is an appropriate remedy when patients report other symptoms including sensitivity to both cold and noise. Ferrum metallicum is beneficial for treatment of shoulder pain and keeps patients from being still. Derived from iron ore, Ferrum metallicum, is found throughout the continental United States and Canada.

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Ferrum Phosphoricum

For shoulder pain that is arthritic in nature and is described as being shooting, tearing and burning, try the remedy Ferrum phosphoricum. Ferrum phosphoricum is derived from fossilized bone and is more commonly called iron phosphate. It is particularly beneficial when used at the first signs of pain and inflammation. Ferrum phosphoricum allows patients to feel good enough to start gentle movement, such as walking slowly.

Cautions and Tips

For best results it’s advisable to seek out the help of a professional, licensed homeopath in your area for remedy recommendation and dosages.

The material contained herein is not meant as a substitute for professional medical assistance, it is for informational purposes only.

If you experience shoulder pain that lasts more than three weeks, seek out the assistance of your health care practitioner.