Sepia As A Homeopathic Medicine

Sepia As a Homeopathic Medicine

Sepia is used as a homeopathic medicine to treat ailments of the mind, mental processes and reproduction organs. It works best when used on a regular basis over time and is not thought to be a quick fix remedy.

How it’s Made

Sepia is made of ink taken from a mollusk called a cuttlefish and mixed with milk and sugar.

Mental Health Uses

Sepia is used to treat depression and excessive irritability.

Gynecological Uses

Heavy menstruation, menopause, premenstrual syndrome, cramps and hot flashes are all treated with sepia.


Sepia is in a class of 20 remedies that homeopathic doctors consider staples of their profession.

Side Effects

Sepia is not known to produce any side effects. However, it should not be taken with bryonia (a plant root) or lachesis (snake venom diluted with milk). Essential oils, coffee and peppermint can also cause a reaction when used with sepia

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