Remedy Hot Spots On Dogs

You need to take quick action when combating hot spots.

Hot spots can be trouble for dogs and their owners as they can grow the painful sores in short order. To stop them from coming on, you need to take quick action to help protect your dog’s coat. For some easy remedies, read on.


1. Keeping your dog dry and well groomed can help prevent hot spots. If your dog loves to swim, take a little time to help him get clean and dry afterwards. Rinse away salt water, if he’s in the ocean, then towel him off or use a blow dryer if he will tolerate it. The longer he stays hot and moist, the more likely a hot spot may develop.

2. Hot spots start small, but if they get larger than a quarter or half dollar, you may need to call the vet. Quick detection can allow a quick home cure. Start by cleaning the area with mild soapy water, then pat dry.

3. Shave the area. Home barber shears, available in most drug stores for about $20, will give you a fighting chance to dry up the hot spot. If you don’t have a pair, use scissors to cut away the hair as close to the flesh as possible. The more air you allow to the site, the better.

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