Remedy Face Rashes At Home

A rash is common word that describes an outbreak of redness, itchiness and bumps in any part of the skin, including the face. Millions of people worldwide are affected by some type of facial rash. The different types of rashes include pimples, insect bites and bacterial infections. If left untreated, rashes can spread to other parts of your skin and cause severe itching and slight deformities. By using all the natural herbal remedies below, you can effectively treat any kind of facial rash.


1. Apply dandelion mixture to your face. The dandelion flower contains the compound taraxasterol, which is effective in reducing rashes. It also enhances skin peeling. Add one cup of dandelion (do not use stems, leaves and roots) to two cups boiling water. Let stand for one hour and apply to face. Leave on your face for 30 minutes and rinse off with mild soap. Do this twice a week.

2. Apply olive oil. Oleocanthal is the active component of this popular oil. It helps reduce the inflammation and itchiness associated with facial skin rashes. Apply the olive oil generously to your face and leave on for two hours. Wash off and pat dry. Do this every day, preferably in the morning.

3. Apply evening primrose oil to your face. This herb contains the fatty acid gamma-linolenic acid (GLA), which is effective in treating the itcheness involved with facial rashes. Apply the oil generously to your face and massage for 20 minutes. Leave on for another 20 minutes and wash off completely. Do this three times a week.

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4. Apply oatmeal to your face. Oatmeal is a natural exfoliant. The high amount of antioxidants in regular cooking oatmeal helps soften your skin while eliminating the itchiness and dryness. Cook oatmeal and let cool before applying to your face. Do this everyday.

5. Apply aloe vera gel generously to your face. This plant contains the compound mucilaginous polysaccharide (MPS), which heals the tiny wounds and itchiness associated with all facial skin rashes. Apply the gel liberally to your face and leave on overnight. Do this everyday.