Remedies To Control Cholesterol

A healthy diet is the key to controlling cholesterol.

There are two different types of cholesterol. Good cholesterol, referred to as HDL cholesterol, is naturally produced by the body and is vital for heart health. Conversely, bad cholesterol, or LDL, is derived from junk food and clogs up the arteries. It is important to keep LDL cholesterol levels low to decrease the risk of heart disease. The best way to permanently control your cholesterol is to consistently eat a healthy diet. However, adding garlic, grapefruit and grape juice to your diet can immediately start to reduce bad cholesterol levels and support healthy cholesterol production.


Garlic is a scientifically proven remedy for lowering LDL cholesterol. A study from Munich University found that adding garlic to people’s diets lowered bad cholesterol by an average of 10 percent within a four-month period. While consuming raw garlic will work to control cholesterol, it is not very palatable. To avoid having to eat raw garlic cloves daily, try taking an odorless and tasteless garlic pill supplement like Garolic (see Resources).


Based on a study conducted by the Hebrew University-Hadassah Medical School in Jerusalem, daily grapefruit consumption can improve cholesterol levels within 30 days and keep LDL cholesterol under control. Red grapefruit is more effective than white grapefruit for controlling cholesterol. Grapefruit consumption is a simple and delicious home remedy for controlling cholesterol, but check with your doctor before adding grapefruit into your diet. Regular grapefruit consumption may interact poorly with some prescription medications.

Grape Juice

Unlike garlic and grapefruit, which control cholesterol levels by reducing LDL cholesterol, grape juice actually increase the body’s production of good HDL cholesterol. Research conducted in 2004 by Jane Freedman, M.D., at Boston University’s Medical School, reveals that drinking grape juice for 14 consecutive days raises HDL cholesterol levels significantly. A higher HDL cholesterol level decreases the risk of heart disease and is a strong indicator of overall cardiovascular health.

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