Remedies For Problems With Essential Tremors

Tremors are the involuntary shaking of the limbs, head or other body parts. There are many kinds of tremors but the essential tremor is the most common. Although it is virtually harmless in that it is not linked to disease, it can be embarrassing and a daily impediment that is both socially and physically disabling. People often appear more nervous than they are or simply cannot do menial tasks like cut a steak without the tremors being obvious. If your essential tremor is making it difficult to work or function daily, consult your physician about a course of treatment.

On Target

Essential tremor usually affects the hands, but it may also affect the limbs head and neck. The tremor can vary based on dietary factors and stress but is usually a back and forth motion that worsens when the affected area approaches its intended target. The hands are very commonly affected and shake and spasm while writing or eating and can often jerk involuntarily. The range of treatments include prescription medicines, physical therapy, herbs, dietary restriction and deep breathing techniques to reduce stress.

There Are Options

According to the Mayo Clinic, there are some effective drug options for essential tremors. The first and more benign prescription option with low side effects are beta blockers. These work by lowering the heart beat and often are used to treat high blood pressure. Always consult your physician because beta blockers are not recommended for diabetics or asthmatic patients. Another drug option is an anti-seizure medication like Topamax, but according to Ortho-McNeil-Janssen Pharmaceuticals, side effects can include drowsiness or impaired vision and flu-like symptoms.

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For those who prefer to treat symptoms naturally, there are herbs such as wood betany, a mild natural herbal sedative, physical therapy which utilizes wrist weights to improve motor function and hand-eye coordination, and adjusting your diet can be a big factor as well. Many people with essential tremors, once told that it is a neurological disorder, may not link dietary stimulants such as caffeine or sugar to a spike in tremors. But caffeine does affect the nervous system so it is best to eliminate any stimulant. Lastly, according to Dr. Chen at the Movement Disorders Clinic, Loma Linda University Medical Center, eliminating axiety with deep breathing techniques, may also be helpful. Staying calm and eliminating stress and blood pressure may at least stabilize the tremors and reduce embarrassment.