Remedies For Inflamed Gout

Gout is caused by too much uric acid that forms crystals in the tissues of the joints in the body. The result is inflammation and pain. Treatment of gout involves reducing the inflammation to relieve the pain. Long term treatment of inflamed gout also seeks to prevent the inflammation from occurring by preventing the deposits of crystallized uric acid in the joints.

Anti-Inflammatory Medications

Prescription drugs are given to reduce the inflammation that is responsible for the pain of gout. Corticosteroids, NSAIDS and colchicines are commonly prescribed to reduce joint inflammation.

Drinking plenty of water during a gout attack can help to flush the uric acid from your body. Drink water with lemon as much as possible while you are suffering from a gout attack.

Make certain that there are omega 3 essential fatty acids in your diet regularly. The fatty acids are a natural anti- inflammatory that will help relieve joint pain that is caused by gout. Use an anti-inflammatory diet to prevent gout from becoming inflamed.

Preventative Medicine

Preventing a gout attack is one of the best ways to treat inflamed gout. Diet is one of the biggest factors in a gout prevention treatment. A low purine diet is one that has a low content of purine, which are changed into uric acid in the body after they are consumed. A diet that is low in this substance will ensure a limited amount of uric acid in the body and reduce the risk of a gout attack. Low purine foods include eggs, nuts, low -fat cheeses, fruits and juice and pasta.

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Gout is more common in obese patients. Losing weight if you are overweight and maintaining a healthy body weight is a preventative measure that can stop gout attacks. Diet should be designed to lose weight and reduce purines in foods.

Pain Relief

Gout pain usually occurs on the big toe and can be debilitating. Preventing a gout attack is the best way to avoid this pain, but pain relieving methods are necessary when a gout attack is taking place.

Analgesics are available over the counter and can be beneficial for the relief of pain from inflamed gout. A doctor can prescribe a stronger analgesic that may provide more pain relief for severe cases.

Infra red light is used to provide pain relief through heat on the affected joints. Laser treatment for gout is also used to provide pain relief without any of the side effects that are common with medications. Lasers are used as an anti-inflammatory treatment.

Hot and cold packs on the affected joints are a simple home remedy that can provide relief during an inflamed gout attack. Apply heat to the affected area for three minutes and then apply cold for 30 seconds. Use warm and cold water to apply the heat to affected joints.

Epsom salt foot baths for inflamed gout can also provide immediate pain relief. When there are several joints in the body affected by inflamed gout, a bath with one or two cups of Epsom salt will allow you to soak the entire body.