Remedies For Cat Carsickness

If you have ever traveled with a cat, you probably know what a trying experience it can be. Add carsickness to the mix and it gets even worse. Symptoms of feline motion sickness include whining, crying, drooling, vomiting and diarrhea. If your cat suffers from motion sickness and you can avoid travel, by all means do so. If not, there are plenty of ways to make travel with your feline friend—and yourself—much more tolerable.

Travel Conditioning

Buy a travel crate for your cat. Crates keep your cat safe in the car and give her a secure space of her own. They are great in the event of motion sickness-induced vomiting as the vomit is contained until you can clean it up. After you purchase a crate for your cat, place a treat or favorite toy in the crate to entice her inside. Allow your cat to play free inside the crate. Once your cat is used the crate, put her in the crate and go for a few short car trips. Start by going for five to 10 minutes, then increase the amount of time by five minutes per trip until you feel your cat is comfortable with car travel.

Sedatives and Herbal Remedies

Speak to your veterinarian about your cat’s carsickness. Your vet knows your cat and will be able to recommend medication for his problem. Most veterinarians prescribe mild sedatives to relax or make your cat sleep during travel, therefore preventing motion sickness. These sedatives must be used as directed to avoid harming him.

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Also consider herbal motion sickness remedies. Herbal mixtures are sold in pet stores and natural food stores and relieve many symptoms of motion sickness without the potential side effects of a sedative. Look for products such as Homeopet Travel Anxiety or EasyTravel Solution. Again, speak to your veterinarian before administering these products and only give as directed.

Travel Preparation

Travel with pets is like travel with children and accidents happen. No matter how you prepare your cat for the trip, or how good your motion sickness medicine is, your cat may have a bout of sickness in the car and you need to be prepared for it. Line her crate with a blanket or old towel to make her comfortable, but also to absorb any messes. Pack extra blankets and towels for a quick change in case one gets soiled. Give your cat plenty of access to fresh water before and during the trip, but consider skipping the pretravel meal to avoid spit up. Don’t forget to bring along some paper towels, disinfectant and perhaps baby wipes to clean up any messes in the car, crate, or on your cat. Finally, bring along some trash bags to dispose of the used cleaning items and soiled blankets or towels. This cuts down on the odor and makes cleaning up a snap.