Reduce Swelling (Edema) Quickly After Pregnancy

Exercise can help reduce swelling after childbirth.

During pregnancy, your body retains more water and you may experience swelling in the ankles, feet, legs and elsewhere. This swelling, called edema, should naturally recede after childbirth as your body loses the excess fluids. Take steps to help minimize the effects of swelling as your body returns to its pre-pregnancy condition.


1. Drink lots of water. Oddly enough, this will help your body retain less fluid. Staying hydrated, especially while breastfeeding, is essential while caring for a newborn.

2. Eat nutritious foods. Follow a balanced diet that excludes foods high in salt, which encourages bloating, and includes raw fruits and vegetables.

3. Do mild exercises, which can help reduce edema. Go for walk, attend a yoga class or do simple stretches at home. If you have more energy, go swimming or participate in a water aerobics class, which will include exercises that are gentle on swollen joints.

4. When sitting, at home or at work, prop up your feet on a stack of books or a foot stool. If sitting or standing for extended periods of time, take a break to walk around, lie down or just stretch your legs.

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