Reduce Migraine Pain Naturally

Many people have migraine pain and suffer horribly. Most people turn to prescription remedies for migraines. If you want to try and reduce migraine pain without a prescription, here are some natural and doctor advised steps to help reduce migraine pain naturally.


1. People with migraine pain tend to eat a diet high in fat. When there is more fat in your bloodstream, it’s more likely hormone levels will fluctuate. Irregular hormone levels are a major trigger for migraine pain. To reduce migraine pain naturally cut back on fat in your diet. Keep a journal of fat intake throughout the day. Writing down fat grams will help you become aware of fat intake, help you to reduce fat intake, and help you to reduce migraine pain.

2. To reduce migraine pain naturally, energize brain cells with CoQ10. Studies show that half of patients who took 100 mg. three times a day had reduced their migraine pain significantly. CoQ10 is an antioxidant that helps cells produce energy, which lessens migraine pain.

3. One study found that taking 50 mg. of Butterbur extract twice daily can eliminate migraine pain by blocking the inflammation that triggers pain. Feverfew is another herb that helps migraines. Lack of vitamin D can make people prone to migraine pain. Take a daily dose of 400 UI of vitamin D. Riboflavin or vitamin B2 has been found to lesson the effects of migraine pain. Take 400 mg a day. You should see improvement within three months. Riboflavin is found in foods like milk, cheese, cottage cheese, eggs, legumes, yeast, almonds, fish, and leafy greens. Peppermint and Willow Bark tea have been associated with reducing migraine pain.

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4. Reduce migraine pain naturally by getting enough sleep. According to research, migraine pain strikes 50% less if you have had enough rest each night.

5. Apply a cold-pack to your forehead to reduce migraine pain naturally. A cold-pack constricts blood vessels reducing pain in less than 15 minutes. Invest in a comfortable cap that has pain easing ice packs built in to the lining.

6. Get out of your environment and go to a quiet, dark place and relax. Usually people who have migraine pain have a sensitivity to light and noise. Taking the time to relax in a quiet place will sooth your migraine pain.

7. A warm shower or bath may help with the onset of a migraine pain. A warm foot bath may also help ease symptoms.