Red Mange Cure

Red mange is the common name for Demodectic mange, which is caused by the mite Demodex canis or Demodex injai. Demodex mites are common on both dogs and humans but will proliferate on a dog with a compromised immune system, whether due to a genetic defect or an illness. Red mange is usually curable with rigorous treatment.


The demodectic mite lives its entire life on the dog’s body. In fact, unlike other skin conditions, the dog’s bedding remains unaffected because the mites cannot survive off the dog. The mites are usually transferred from a mother to her puppy, but unless the puppy has a compromised immune system, the mites will not cause mange. Regardless, a cure is possible, but the necessary steps depend on whether the red mange is localized (in one spot on your dog) or generalized (spread across his body).

Localized Treatment

Localized red mange usually occurs in younger dogs who have suffered an illness. The good news is that, in these cases, 90% are resolved before becoming generalized. A veterinarian-prescribed antibacterial shampoo and lotion applied to the area regularly should do the trick. Your vet will want to perform regular scrapings of your dog’s skin for up to a month to monitor the treatment’s success.

Generalized Treatment

Generalized mange is diagnosed when the entire dog is affected. Generalized mange is much more difficult to treat than localized mange, and the length of treatment will vary greatly depending on the severity of the mange. Your vet will prescribe oral antibiotics and usually a lime-sulfur dip as well. Generalized mange is believed to be genetic, so your vet will most likely advise that your dog should not be bred. Also, due to the relationship between generalized mange and your dog’s immune system, switch to a high-quality, nutritionally complete food to help strengthen your dog’s immune system.

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