Recognize And Treat Pannus In Dogs

A dog that experiences Pannus has an inflammation of the cornea. A canine owner may notice an issue when a pink film develops on the dog’s eye. This condition typically affects middle age dogs. Because the dog’s vision becomes blocked it’s important to seek care.


1. Evaluate your canine for signs of Pannus. Dogs that experience this condition may have redness and pigment change in the eye. In addition, a dog’s vision is decreased so they may seem disoriented.

2. Take your dog to the vet for an exam. The vet will give your dog a full examination to diagnosis his condition. Keeping your canine calm during an eye exam is important. Giving him gentle pets along with speaking in a soothing voice can help.

3. Create a treatment plan with your vet. Although this condition isn’t curable there are treatment options available. Ask about administering topical corticosteroids to the affected area. These are usually applied a few times a day to your canine’s eye. In more severe cases your vet may need to inject steroids into the affected area.

4. Examine your dog regularly. Take a look at your canine’s eyes daily. Observe any pigment changes or excess redness to the eye. If the Pannus appears worse instead of better it’s time to contact your vet.

5. Protect your canine from harm. While your dog is healing he may have some difficulty seeing his surroundings. Move potentially harmful objects out of his way so he doesn’t become injured.

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