Rapid Drug Detoxification

Rapid Drug Detoxification

When you finally reach the point of knowing you need help with a drug addiction, or if you know that a drug has caused you bodily harm, you want it out as quickly as possible. That being said, quick doesn’t always mean efficient, and it certainly doesn’t always mean healthy. Here are some natural ways to take care of your drug detoxification as quickly as can be done in a healthy way. Consult your physician before attempting detoxification on your own.

Stop Cravings and Reduce Symptoms

Quick detoxification can lead to a quickly falling off the wagon if you do not halt the cravings and your symptoms of withdrawal. Different herbs will help curb the cravings for different drugs. Chaparral is an herb that can relieve cravings for LSD, and calamus root can blunt the desire for smoking. The homeopathic remedy Avena sativa can help stop cravings of many different drug addictions, along with the chronic insomnia and nervous exhaustion that may be brought on by detox. Homeopathic Ignatia can help reduce withdrawal effects of antidepressants and tranquillizers while homeopathic Pulsatilla will aid an overuse of antibiotics. These remedies can be purchased on the Internet or in a natural goods store. Combine any of these remedies that fit your symptoms with long walks and hikes in the outdoors to oxygenate your body and rejuvenate your mind. Make sure that you have setup an emotional support system, as there is nothing like detoxification that will make you want to continue using your drug of choice.

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Begin Detoxification

Start with your liver, as a healthy liver will lead to improved detoxification through the rest of your process. Try a tea or a capsule with the herb milk thistle, as it can help you to detoxify and build back up any tissue that was damaged in your liver during drug use. Throughout your detoxification, eat at least 10 fruits and vegetables a day to replenish nutrients and to flush out toxins with your increased fiber intake. Arsenicum album is a homeopathic remedy that will help your body to shed its toxicity no matter what drug you have been taking. It can also reduce your symptoms of drug-related skin breakouts, weakness, and restlessness. Sulphur is another homeopathic remedy that will rid your body of the residues left by drugs, especially by antibiotics and other drugs that can block your body’s ability to heal. This process may take a couple of weeks to be successful, and the first week you may want to take a vacation from work, as your detox may make it difficult to concentrate and fill you with emotional reactions.


After your drug use and subsequent detoxification, your body will be craving anything that will make it feel better. Your first inclination will be to use the drugs again, but the real trick is to infuse yourself with as many healthy nutrients as possible to ensure you don’t go back into old habits. Vitamins C and E can decrease withdrawal symptoms and improve your immune system. Magnesium is a mineral that will reduce your irritability and soothe your muscular cramps. Plant compounds like chlorophyll and alfalfa will provide many different nutrients and can also continue to detoxify any traces of the drug that are left in your blood. Lastly, glutamine, an essential amino acid, can improve your mental capacities after addiction, reduce your fatigue, and heal physical symptoms like ulcers. Include these in supplement form, which you can purchase at many pharmacies and natural food stores. It is worth supplementing these nutrients as long as you can (perhaps years) to ensure that your health stays strong and that your addiction remains dormant.

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