Quick Relief From Migraines Without Medication

A migraine headache usually occurs as a throbbing pain in the forehead or temples and is often on one side of the head. It includes feeling of nausea, depression and sensitivity to light or other visual disturbances. Many things can trigger migraine, including certain types of food or drink and the stress and strain of the day. Controlling your diet and managing a flexible schedule helps a lot in preventing migraines.


Migraine is a chronic illness which is linked to certain changes in the brain. It is caused by enlargement of blood vessels and the release of chemicals from the nerve fibers that coil around blood vessels. According to National Headache Foundation, migraine is more common than diseases like diabetes and heart failures. Studies show that migraine is hereditary.


Although many medications are available over the counter and prescribed by the doctors for treating migraine, many people try to avoid drugs and want some quick remedies to get rid of migraine. Studies show that dietary supplements, vitamins and herbs also help in healing migraine. Dietary supplements lie somewhere between traditional and non traditional headache therapies. Most are vitamins, herbal and botanical preparations. Several vitamin supplements like vitamin C, vitamin B6, choline, tryptophan and niacin or magnesium have been studied and found to be helpful in managing headaches. But vitamins can be harmful if dose given is too high. Herbs and botanicals like feverfew, ginger and ginko not only cure migraine but relax your body.

Methods for Quick Relief

Certain scents are soothing and can help in easing migraine. Take a bath using these peppermint and chamomile, or can light candles with these perfumes in your house. Massage your head with olive, coconut or mustard oil. For best results, warm up the oil a little and ask someone to massage it on your head. Massage relaxes muscles, releases tension in the tendons and other soft tissues, improves circulation and increases the uptake of oxygen. Warm baths with eucalyptus, wintergreen and peppermint also help.

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Other treatments that are recommended for quick relief are footbaths; just sit back in a comfortable position and put your feet in a bucket of hot water. Afterward apply a cold pack at the back of your neck and on your forehead and then have a hot shower.

Other things that help migraine are lying down in a dark, quiet room, having a strong cup of tea or coffee and drinking plenty of water. Acupuncture and exercises like yoga also help relieve migraine.