Purge An Exchange Mailbox

Microsoft Exchange is an popular email and networking tool among businesses of all sizes. One of its strengths is its mailbox account management user interface. Deleting accounts is simple and takes only a few seconds using the Exchange System Manager. Deleted accounts are purged automatically even if you decline to purge them manually.


1. Launch the Exchange System Manager.

2. Look in the right panel where all of the mailboxes are listed. Click on the mailbox you want to purge to highlight it. If you want to purge multiple mailboxes at once, hold down the “Ctrl” key while you click on each mailbox you want to select.

3. Right click on the selected mailbox and select “Exchange Task Wizard” from the pop-up menu.

4. Select “Delete” from the Exchange Task Wizard menu and confirm the action.

5. Right click on the deleted mailbox, which should still be on the list but with a red circle next to it, and select “Purge” from the pop-up menu if you want to purge it immediately. Be aware, however, that Exchange will purge the account automatically at a time determined by the Mailbox Store settings. These settings dictate that deleted mailboxes will be purged either after a specified number of days or after the Mailbox Store runs its next scheduled backup.

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