Psoriasis Homeopathy Treatment

Psoriasis is a skin condition that affects many people. It can be an embarrassing skin problem. Many people who suffer from this disorder do not want to live an active lifestyle because they would rather hide than be seen in public. This is especially true when their skin is in the middle of an outbreak. There are treatments for psoriasis, both prescribed and homeopathic, and for those who prefer to treat their problem with more natural products, homeopathic treatments have had some positive outcomes.

What is Psoriasis?

Psoriasis is a problem where the skin cells multiply too quickly. There is a faulty communication between the skin cells and the immune system, to the point where new skin cells develop in days as opposed to weeks like they should. This means that these new skin cells pile up on each other and cannot shed quick enough to keep the skin smooth. These piled-up, overproduced skin cells turn into lesions and can look scaly and discolored from the rest of the skin.

Homeopathic Treatments

One homeopathic treatment that may seem unlikely is Carcinocin, a treatment derived from cancer cells. Kali arsenicum is another recognized homeopathic treatment for psoriasis. This treatment works well for patients who suffer from nervousness and restlessness and are anemic. One homeopathic remedy that caters more to obese patients is Graphites. One of the most benefical homeopathic treatments for itchy, very dry and flaking skin is Kali sulphuricum. This homeopathic treatment treats pustules that develop and release a discharge.

More Homeopathic Treatments

Mezereum is well known for treating scalp and skin-related afflictions such as psoriasis. It helps treat the roughness of skin that may appear as leatherlike, with peeling skin, scabs and chalkiness, pustules that develop and ooze drainage, excruciatingly itchy skin, itchy scalp, hair that bristles, or even for a scalp that is too painful to touch. This is one of the most recommended homeopathic treatments for psoriasis, made from the bark, root, and stem of a plant called mezereon, or spurge olive.

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Natural Preventions

Natural prevention means taking care of yourself to help prevent outbreaks. Some natural preventions would include getting enough sleep. Without a proper amount of sleep, your body becomes stressed and cannot fight off infections. It cannot keep the immune system working properly to fight off psoriasis outbreaks. Eating healthy is another natural prevention and treatment. Your body can absorb toxins from the foods you eat, so eliminate substances such as alcohol, caffeine, red meats and spicy foods. The healthier your diet, the better equipped your body will be to fight outbreaks of psoriasis.

Considerations for Home Treatments for Psoriasis

Some people may find that treating their psoriasis at home isn’t working for them like they hoped. If your skin condition does not improve with home treatments, or gets worse, it may be necessary to see a dermatologist.