Prevent & Treat Cancer With Natural Medicine

An apple a day

Traditional cancer treatments typically consist of radiation therapy, chemotherapy, pharmaceutical drugs or a combination of the three. Although these treatments are widely known for treating cancer, modern medicine is starting to realize that treatments using natural medicine to treat and prevent cancer can be more effective and healthier for the patient.


1. Eat a vegan diet. According to the Gerson Institute (eee Resources below), eating animal meats and animal products is one of the greatest contributors to cancers growing in the body. Eating a vegan diet, consisting of fruits, vegetables, legumes, nuts and seeds, the body can function properly and can eliminate waste normally. Buy only organic and local fruits and vegetables whenever possible.

2. Eliminate packaged foods. The Gerson Institute, one of the leading natural cancer treatment institutes in the world, attests that packaged foods contain vast amounts of excitotoxins and chemicals that damage the body and its systems. Two of these excitotoxins, aspartame and monosodium glutamate, are known carcinogens and can be deadly if eaten and ingested long-term. Using a garbage bag, empty out all of the foods in your house that contain chemical ingredients or artificial sugars.

3. Use a coffee enema. The Gerson Institute (see Resources below) states that coffee enemas flush out toxins from the liver and pancreas that can build up and cause the body to develop cancers. Fill a pot with a quart of filtered water and 3 tbsp. of organic coffee. Boil the coffee for 12 minutes and let it cool. Pour the coffee through a filter and into a quart jar, filling it with more filtered water to equal one quart. Pour the contents of the quart jar into an enema bag and insert the tube into the anus. Let the bag’s contents empty completely. Lie on your right side for 12 minutes; then empty the bowels into the toilet.

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4. Use a juicer. According to the Gerson Institute, cancer can be partly caused by a lack of nutrients and a vitamin deficiency in the body. Juicing fresh, organic fruits and vegetables will replenish these vital nutrients to your body. The Juiceman juicer is promoted by the Gerson Institute (see Resources below).